About Vabri
Vabri Math

A revolutionary concept - for the first time in the field of education an integrated appoach of abacus and vedic mathematics.

Brain Development Programmes are popular worldwide. This is the need of the hour, as today's competitive world requires a child to develop various skills and have confidence and positive attitude. Parents strive hard to give their children the best of the opportunities to learn and perform well.


Abacus Traning is a time tested method to improve a child's concentration, self confidence and calculation skills. It develops a child's ability to grasp and master arithmetic operations like addition subtraction, multiplication etc. They overcome the fear of numbers and develop good memory and observation.

Vedic Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics is a concept gifted by the vedas, the oldest scriptures of humanity. Vedic mathematics can be used for solving probelms in arithmetic, algebra, geomety and their various applications. The methods are fast and effective as they rely on mental working.

Objectives of VABRI

Mathematical calculations through innovative methods

Encourages creative learning

Overcomes the fear of numbers.

Attains accuracy in calculations.

Improves logic and reasoning

Develops self confidence and positive attitude

Make learning fun with games and puzzles.

Improves his concentration and reduce carelessness

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