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Students today have big dreams and they dream of great institutions of learning like IIT’s NIT’s etc.

Not the question is what strategy should we follow to realize them?

There are many coaching institutes and many books for competitive exams. In this conundrum, students get overwhelmed and confused about where to go, what to do. Should they study for higher secondary or just focus on competitive exams, and a lot more questions follow.

We believe in a simple and methodical approach. If you have to reach to the top of a building, the time tested route is to take stairs, one by one.

We at Vabri Science-Commerce Academy, guide our students from the very basics to the complex concepts that are required for competitive exams. We do not believe and hence do not promote rote learning of short cuts that apply on certain questions and stop students from grasping the basic concepts. We believe that if a student is guided well and if the basics are fed well to him, he can himself develop a lot of complex concepts, without a hassle.

We want our students not to just read the concept, but feel it!

For the same, we play number games that we have made for them, like Mensuration Rummy, ……… and many more; in order to stimulate their thinking and also to give the students space to play with concepts. This way these concepts get etched on their minds and they can never forget them. We use 3-D models to help them visualize many problems, like section of a sphere, so that they can visualize what they solve and have fun at the same time.

These are time tested concepts and even psychologists agree that audio visual learning is way more effective than chalk and board method.

We have a team of experienced faculty with experience of around 18 years who have dealt, understood and taught many students, whose results speak of our success tales.

Fee Structure

Class IX and X

Subject Fee
Social Science8,000/-

Class XI and XII

Subject Fee
Physics / Chemsitry / Bilogoy  (each subject17,100/-
Accounts / Economics / Bussnies Study (each subject)17.100/-

Class VI and VIII

Subject Fee
Social Science8,000/-

Class 06-A

Class 06-B

Class 06-C

Class XI-A

Class 06-D

Class 07

Class 06

Class 08

Class 09

Class 11

Class 12

X01_Real Numbers


X03_Linear E.

X04_Quadratic E.

X05_Arithmetic P.


X07_Coordinate G

X08_I. Trigonometry



X11_Areas of Circles

X12_Areas & Volumes


X14_ Probability

IX01_Number Systems


IX03_ Coordinate G.

IX04_Linear E.

IX05_Euclid Geometry

IX06_Lines and Angles




IX10_Heron s Formula

IX11_Areas & Volumes


X01_Chemical Reactions

X02_Acids, Bases and Salts

X03_Metals and Non-Metals

X04_Carbon and Its Compounds

X05_Life Processes

X06_Control and Coordination

X07_How do Organisms Reproduce



X10_The Human Eye


X12_Magnetic Effects

X13_Our Environment

IX01_Matter In Our Surroundings

IX02_Is Matter Around Us Pure?

IX03_Atoms And Molecules

IX04_Structure Of The Atom

IX05_The Fundamental Unit Of Life



IX08_Force And Laws Of Motion


IX10_Work And Energy


IX12_Improvement In Food Resources

INITIATION » The Inspiration and support of Mrs. Sushil sharma propelled Mr. Brijesh Sharma to start Brijeshs Mathemagic in 1996. Brijeshs Mathemagic works on exploring, revealing and challenging the association of the numbers 0 to 9 that bind this universe and the existence of each and every entity.

TARGET » This association provides more challenging concepts to the learners with exceptional intelligence. It is also a platform for preparing for the competitive tests that the learners have to encounter. Here they can hon their skills and get insight into the more advanced mathematical principles. Many challenging concepts are brought to a simpler, practical and day to day needs level of the learners.
Many students wilt under the fear of numbers. In order to help students overcome this fear Abacus is introduced especially for those under the age group  6-13 years to each them easy and interesting calculation methods. Later training is provided into the more advanced feature through Vedic and Russian Mathematics.

VISION » To have a creed of conceptually sound students who have the confidence to play with concepts; and to guide them in paving their way through various competitive exams and to see them come out with flying colors.

MISSION » Like Thomas Edison once said- “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”
When strong concepts and dedicated practice go hand in hand, good results are imminent! There are no shortcuts to success and we aim at making our students’ base rock solid in terms of logics and concepts so they can be sure and confident!

Look at the journey of man’s evolution ; a creature fighting the mighty challenges of nature, but man today is an awe inspiring power with unlimited achievements to his credit. This success has been possible over the ages through the indomitable aggression of each race and individual. Man is no weakling, each one of us has unlimited force within us. I believe we cannot let our limitations stop us from evolving further. We must overcome our limitations and grow into better individuals.

Being active in the field of mathematics for the past 18 years, I have noticed that many youngsters are unable to befriend numbers and this restrains their achievements.

I want these young minds to over come their hurdle and evolve into confident individuals who can tackle anything and everything.

Through this Institute, I have introduced some time tested concepts and certain modern and innovative ideas that can help students make numbers their ally.

Brijesh Sharma

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” - Abraham Lincoln

We, at Brijeshs Mathemagic, follow a simple and solid strategy to teach students. We spend a lot of time and focus on the concept building of the topic. Other than vocal explanation, we use various 3D models, for giving students a clearer picture and play many concept games like Mensuration Rummy etc so that the basic formulae and concepts get on out students’ finger tips.

We believe in the time tested belief of moving step by step so that the students can first try his hand on the basic concepts and then, after thorough practice, goes out and studies for the competitive examination he/she aspires for.

We are sure, even you as parent, understand the concept, as it is simple, lucid, sure and time tested. A little belief and patience can take us a long way.

  • Duration 12 Month
  • Total Classes 62

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