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We offer a 12-module course that covers a range of concepts to help students improve their subject ability, mental ability, and calculation ability. Our course includes a one-time registration and a fee for each concept, with no time limitations.

Our course is designed to be flexible and convenient for students. There is no homework, but each module includes three examinations: a mid-term, pre-assessment, and final assessment. Once a student passes these assessments, they can participate in a live demo to showcase their knowledge.

We understand that each student learns differently, so we offer a flexible timeline for completing each module. On average, a student can complete one module in approximately 30 hours, but this may vary depending on their individual grasping power.

Our course includes a range of mental ability tests, including verbal and non-verbal reasoning. We also cover subject ability and calculation ability tests to help students develop a well-rounded skill set.

We look forward to helping you achieve your academic goals!

About Us »

VABRI Prep... An 8 module programme formulated to inspire and motivate children in the age group 5 to10 years , to become number friendly. It is designed to develop spatial and logical reasoning in young children through non-verbal reasoning. Packed with some fundamental mathematical concepts which develops the understanding and interest in the subject.

Vabri - Prep is a mathematical programme designed for children aged 5 to 10. This is a cognitive programme which will make children number friendly. The rational of VABRI is to faster positive attitude and confidence among children VABRI provides required of opportunity to the children who thrive to reach the top.

Vabri Prep is a combination of VEDIC, ABACUS, BASIC MATH and REASONING with the help of this programme your child can acquire numerical ability, logical reasoning, concentration, speed and accuracy. 

Brain development programmes are popular worldwide. This is the need of the hour, as today's competitive world requires a child to develop various skills and have confidence and positive attitude. Parents strive hard to give their children the best of the opportunities to learn and perform well.

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Mental Ability : -

Aptitude test is considered to be an integral part of all competitive exams as it is based on the IQ and mental ability of individuals. Aptitude test is to find out ones ability to think and solve problems, reasoning and competency in numbers. 

VABRI math gives your child a plethora of opportunity to think, solve problems and reason at a very young age.

The ability to reason is an important cognitive development and it is proven that children aged 6 to 12 think is concrete ways. They develop the concepts of addition, subtraction, sorting etc with the kelp of objects. In Vabri the curriculum of reasoning is developed with the help of unhinges and shapes. Which assist the students to comprehend the concepts.

The Aptitude tests of all competitive exams have questions of mental ability. To make your child adept in it, VABRI math gives super star questions every week, and whoever solves them first is given the title of Super Star of the week; for learning with encouragement and enthusiasm.


Puzzle is a game or problem that trills persons knowledge. In a puzzle the solver is expected to put pieces together in a logical way to arrive at the correct solution. Vabri takes your child through the world of puzzles and build a strong logical thinks in them.

Map Puzzle : -  

Learning map is fun!! It gives information about the world in a simple visual way. It teachers you the size, shape and position of countries as well as its features.

However our children are not much exposed to map learning, hence they lose out on its fun. In VABRI we take our child through the programme of map puzzle which will enable him/her to learn, the countries, continents and their capitals effortlessly and easily frame the positions of places mentally.

Mathematical Games : -

People of all ages love to play games. It is exciting and motivating. Games provide students space to explore fundamental math concepts. Mathematical games encourage students to deepen their mathematical undertaking and reasoning.

VABRI equip the students to master over different mathematical concepts like Prime numbers, divisibility rule, rational numbers etc with the support of Games.

Play is an essential activity of every childs life. If is vital for enjoyment so well as social and emotional development. Through playing games students learn a variety of important sill. They develop critical thinking, creativity team work and sportsmanship through games.

Mathematical games encourage students to deepen their mathematical understanding.

» Is 91 a prime number?

» How many rational numbers are there from 1 to 100?

» Is π rational?

» What’s the divisibility rule for 11?

Students answer these questions within seconds. Theres no need to memorize them! Students solve these questions with the help of Mathematical games.

Speed Master and Flash cards : -

Speed and accuracy in math, makes us an expert in the subject. One of the objectives of VABRI, is to make your child a genius in math.

Flash card and speed master is an important attribute of Vabri through which students reach the goal.

Students are shown flash cards and they are required to make calculations based on that. This improves their mental mathematical abilities and self confidence. There are also other exercises where the teacher speaks numbers at a high speed and the students are supposed to write them down keeping the pace. And whosoever does it fast and accurate is given the title of Speed master of the week. Again, this invigorates a sense of healthy competition in students.

Is study enough?

All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy.

After studying at school and tuition and then homework, children seldom get time to go out and play. This makes them dull and develops a feeling of boredom.

At VABRI, we organize regular camps for children to go out, play and learn. This keeps them enthusiastic and gets them charged and energetic. This also helps them keep their interests towards studies alive. 

IQ and Memory Games : -

To increase the learning and retaining power of children, we have a lot of memory games at VABRI. These games aim at boosting memory and IQ. So, we play such games at VABRI to improve these skills.

Combination of different approaches are used for solving mathematical questions certainly boosts students' interest and engagement. Aside from helping them stay focused, it allows them to think deeply, create connections, and get different perspectives on the subject matter.

How is Vabri Math Different from Leading Maths Programs?  
»  Vabri Math Program has integrated the best of global techniques/tricks/tools. It increases speed and accuracy up to 10x. Introduction of new techniques/tools for each topic keeps students engaged and interested in the Maths. Puzzles, mathematical games further develop their love for Maths.
»  One of the leading Maths Programs believes in practising and practising. Students practice questions until mastered. It may work for some students but not for all, especially those students who are not interested in Maths. At Vabri Math, we understand practice makes student perfect, but the usage of new techniques/tricks makes Maths magical for them. They not only find such tips and tricks interesting, engaging but also generates their love for math.
»  Other leading Maths program either only focuses on a school curriculum or one topic at a time, that may become monotonous for students. At Vabri Math, we introduce students to various topic according to their age that also aligns with the school curriculum. With regular lessons, students advanced their peers at school by a couple of years.
»  Vabri Math also focuses on Brain Development. Reasoning is a part of our Modules / Steps. Logical Reasoning, when introduced at a young age, develops self-regulation, critical thinking, self-motivation, decision making, analysis ability etc. in the students. Most of the reputed competitive exams, entrance exams consists of Logical Reasoning & Maths.
»  Vabri Math charges fees for Module/Step. We do not charge monthly fees like other leading programs. If a student attends regular classes, completes homework in time and has still not progressed as expected, we would not charge extra fees until the student has achieved expected progress in the particular Module/Step.
  • Fee (Each Level)Rs 3320.00
  • Duration 3 Month
  • Total Module 12

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