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The Brand Profile

There is strength in numbers!!

The pace of innovations and technological advancement has been rapid and unprecedented in the last century, yet ancient wisdom  collected over  centuries is the foundation of the monumental achievements mankind today takes pride in.  On a similar build up Vabri offers to hone mathematical skills by putting together ancient and modern mathematical approaches. The venture came to  life in 1996 and evolved into to a full fledged program in 2008. Since then Vabri Math© has been  building and  fine polishing student skills.

Vabri is a unique brain development programme based on an integrated concept of CAT (Calculation Ability Training – Combination of approaches improves mental calculation upto 10x and 3x faster than calculator), SAT (Subject Ability Training – Students’ Basic Maths is made so strong that higher level Mathematics’ questions can be solved at the snap of fingers), MAT (Mental Ability Training – Mental Ability Training develops ability to reason. It is developed with the help of reasoning) and Vedic, Abacus and Basic Russian Mathematics. We have many unit franchises in Rajasthan working with us for the last three years, and the results are quite encouraging and fruitful.

VABRI as an acronym stands for Vedic + Abacus + Basic Russian+ Integrated.

Vabri Math© is an integrated concept of Vedic, abacus and basic Russian mathematics for the students in the age group 5 _ 15 years. Vabri Math© is a powerful tool for the learners to understand mathematical operations, develop insight into patterns and relationships, with logical understanding of the underlying principals.

Mathematics is not just calculation and formulas but  also a search for patterns. If  students can cognize  these underlying patterns and relationships they  can well make a head start in  achieving their goals_ be it good grades, acing competitive exams or developing personal skills to strengthen one’s personality.

Abacus – Abacus is a calculating tool. The use of abacus for calculation goes back to ancient Rome  (753 b.c.e.–476 c.e.). It is believed that the use of  abacus probably spread from Greece  and Rome to China and then to Japan and Russia.

The abacus uses beads to quickly and efficiently calculate addition subtraction multiplication and division. Over time a student is no longer dependent on the instrument and learns mental calculation instead of using the device.

Abacus upgrades brain skills and facilitates quick calculation giving leverage to a student  in this competitive environment.

Vedic Math – In terms of substance and breadth India’s contribution to mathematics doesn’t only lie in the discovery of zero. To name a few achievements_ calculus was discovered in India by Bhaskaracharya; binomial theorem discovered by Halayudh in 1200 A.D., Pascal’s triangle existed much before Pascal,  or Pythagorean formula existen before Pythagoras discovered it.

Vedic math is a system of mental calculation and reasoning. It is  simple arithmetic used for intricate calculations based on 16 sutras (formulae).  Unlike abacus vedic math sutras cover factorisation; highest common factors; simultaneous, quadratic, cubic and biquadratic equations; partial fractions, elementary geometry, and differential and integral calculus so this math is suitable for any age. With the help of these formulas calculations can be done 10 to 15 times faster than the usual method and an adept can even beat the calculator.

Vedic + Abacus – ABACUS can provide the basic support to fill the lacunae in Vedic mathematics and get it off the paper, to be done mentally! If one train a child both in Abacus and Vedic mathematics in an integrated way, it would enable him/her to do higher mathematical calculations too, mentally!

Basic Math – The syllabus of Basic Math is so thoughtfully designed for the VABRI age that the children will confidently handle the Mathematical concepts. The nine step/modules of Basic Math in VABRI explains Roman Numerals, Symmetry, Indian and International numbers, Place value and face value, Integers, Unit system, Geometrical figures, Sum of angle, Prime Composite, Cube & Square, Basic Concept of Geometry, Properties of quadrilateral, Number System, Degree of Polynomial, Data Interpretation, Trigonometry etc.

Russian Mathematics – The underlying concept in Russian Math is_ mathematical abilities and power to think and reason can be perfected over time and are not predetermined at birth.

Russian mathematics is a method of approximation used for higher calculations. For instance_ one can find the square root correctly  up to some decimal places using Vedic and abacus techniques, but would not be able to find 3rd,  4th, 5th or higher roots. This is where Russian mathematics comes to aid.

The students learn to employ reason, logic and previous knowledge while concentrating on both concrete and abstract levels. Rather than working with specific quantities, students use abstractions and explore relationships.

With sufficient practice  students excel in mathematical Olympiads and standardized tests.

Finally, VABRI! – VABRI is an integrated approach of Vedic Mathematics, Abacus and basic Russian Mathematics. It makes the understanding and development of Mathematics as a powerful tool. Abacus is complemented by Vedic Math, as a child learns various mathematical operations. The child develops an insight into the underlying patterns and relationships of the subject.

Objectives of VABRI

  • Mathematical calculations through innovative methods
  • Encourages creative learning
  • Overcomes the fear of numbers.
  • Attains accuracy in calculations.
  • Improves logic and reasoning
  • Develops self confidence and positive attitude
  • Make learning fun with games and puzzles.
  • Improves his concentration and reduce carelessness

Vabri Courses

Vabri Math Advance – Vabri Math Advance is a programme designed for students between the ages of 12 to 18 years. During these crucial years of their education, this programme helps them to improve their algebric concepts and calculation skills. They develop speed, accuracy and confidence. It is designed to improve their memory and concentration.

Vabri Math Competition Plus – Vabri Math Competition Plus is a powerful programme developed for candidates preparing to take competitive examinations. The aspiring candidates can improve their performance by developing faster calculation skill and better mathematical concepts.

Vabri English – Vabri English is a programme designed especially for school children. It uses audio-visual sequences and activity-based worksheets for developing their communication skill and improving their vocabulary. It ensures better understanding and expression of the language.

The brand also conducts mental ability programme, map puzzles, maths games, IQ & memory games, drawing and coloring, annual outing etc. These programmes improve children’s mental ability, help them to learn things on tips, sharpen their memories, boost their presence of minds and improve their organizational skills.

Expansion via franchise – Vabri Math is successfully operating in Rajasthan and is now ready for massive expansion taking franchise route in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The brand is looking forward to open  franchisees of VABRI centers. For this, the brand has presented following financial facts.


Coaching Center

Area Required

600 sq. ft.

Franchise Fee

1.75 Lakh (1 lakh + 0.75 lakh)



Agreement Term

3 years

 *Approx. Investment includes the Franchise Fee

Preferred Franchise Partner Profile

  • Professors / teachers of leading schools willing to open their own VABRI Centre.
  • Professionals with financial backup to start the VABRI Centre.
  • Retired couple with huge residential space but family not staying with them
  • Existing preschool of smaller repute and size
  • Head of the school willing to open VABRI Centre
  • Real estate developers looking to offer VABRI Centre as part of their project 

Why Partner with Vabri Math?

  • Well established & designed program
  • Moderate investments with high returns
  • Differentiated teaching methodology
  • Smart learning-technology integrated concept.

Comprehensive Support System

Vabri Math (the franchisor) will continuously assist its franchise partners in managing the operations and implement best practices.       

Set up : The franchisor will provide comprehensive turnkey assistance right from site selection, layout, architecture to set up and starting of the preschool and coaching center operations.

Recruitment : The franchisor will provide guidance in interviewing, recruiting and evaluating the VABRI center staff.

Training : The franchisor will conduct regular training programs for the franchisee staff including teachers, counsellors, as well as the support staff. 

Courseware : The franchisor will supply the courseware on its own discretion based on admissions and special requirement.

Operations Manual : The franchisor will provide an Operations Manual containing mandatory and suggested specifications, standards, operating procedures and rules for running the VABRI Centre.

Marketing : The franchisor will share a detailed marketing plan to assist franchise partners in effectively communicating the VABRI proposition thereby increasing and retaining the students.

Collaterals : The franchisor will provide printed materials like brochures, pamphlets and flex banners on a cost basis.  

Coordinator : The franchisor will appoint dedicated personnel to bridge the communication between the franchise partner and management.  

Advertising & Promotions : The brand in association with its franchise partners will organize events specifically to advertising & promotions of ‘Vabri Math’ at the national level, including participation in events and tie-ups with publications, etc. 

PR : The franchisor will ensure regular PR coverage at national as well as regional levels, besides centralized brand building through media – print, outdoor, web, retail, electronic, etc.   

Contact Info

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