Vabri MissionThat sounds like a great mission! Mathematics is a subject that can be intimidating for many students, but by making it experiential and fun, you can help them develop a love and appreciation for the subject. By developing analytical skills, students can also excel in other areas of life, not just academics. It's important to take mathematics beyond the curriculum and show students how it can be applied in the real world. By developing a positive and enthusiastic approach to learning mathematics, students can build confidence and a sense of accomplishment in their abilities. Finally, by invigorating and rejuvenating dormant mathematical skills, you can help students reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Vabri VisionIt seems that Vabri has a strong focus on holistic education, aiming to develop not just academic knowledge but also character traits and soft skills in its students. This is a commendable goal, as it acknowledges that success in life depends on more than just academic achievements.

To achieve this goal, Vabri will need to implement innovative teaching methodologies that go beyond traditional classroom lectures and incorporate experiential learning opportunities. It may also need to hire teachers who are trained in areas such as psychology, counseling, and leadership development to help guide students in their personal growth.

Vabri's larger vision of creating global citizens is also noteworthy, as it recognizes the interconnectedness of the world and the need for individuals to have a global perspective. This vision can be realized by providing students with opportunities to learn about different cultures, engage in international collaborations, and develop language skills.

However, Vabri's goal of rapid expansion may pose some challenges. It will need to ensure that quality is not sacrificed in the pursuit of growth, and that its educational philosophy and values are maintained even as it expands into new territories. It may also face competition from established institutions in these new markets.

Overall, Vabri's vision of holistic education and creating global citizens is admirable, but it will require careful planning and execution to achieve its goals.